About Me

Hi, my name is Cindy.

Ever since I was young, reading has been a hobby that I enjoy and it only grew more as I got older. During my college years, I became hiatus on fun reading and focused more on pieces related to my major. Since then I got back into reading for my enjoyment.

Now comes the question most people would want to ask, why did I make a blog and Youtube channel about books? I wanted to talk about my passion of reading amazing and non-thrilling books. It something to tell others about the awesome tales I have read, but it something else to let the world know as well.

As for why I added section about Asian dramas, it's one of my guilty pleasure that I wants to share with you. I realized I tends to rant as much about Asian dramas as books, so I decided to combine to two.

Random fact:
Hogwart house: Hufflepuff

Find me and let's be friends:

Business inquiry only: smile.reading@yahoo.com


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