FIRST & LAST IMPRESSIONS: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (C-Drama)

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
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I intentionally meant for this to be a first impressions post, but somehow it led to the lasting impressions and review of this crime action Chinese drama. The title of this drama was what initially drew me into watching it since I am a fan of the American television show, CSI (Crime Scene Investigators). As luck would have it this drama is very similar to CSI; yet different in its own ways. Similar in that the opening song sounds very much like the one for CSI with several different beats and it follows Qin Ming (played by Zhang Ruo Yun), a chief forensic investigator for the Chinese police as he solve crime cases. The different in that its very fast pace.

Beside from Dr. Qin, main forensic team consisted of a smart intern (Li Da Bao played by Jiao Jun Yan) and a witty detective officer (Lin Tao played by Li Xian). It's once in a while that I watched Chinese drama have an intelligent woman, Li Dao Bao in this case, but recently it has becoming a popular trends, and I am hoping it stays. She does not get discouraged when Dr. Qin treats her as a futile intern; rather she continues to astound him with her knowledge. As for Lin Tao, the glue, who make them a dynamic duo and when placed with Li Dao Bao provided viewers with comical relief from the gripping story line. 

Fast pace story line was one of the reason as to why I liked this drama. Crime cases do not last more than one or two episodes to solve, which is contrary to real life crimes that is beside the point. Some minor details were glazed over to make sense of the motive of the unsub.

To those who do not have the stomach for the graphic images in the crime scenes, they were censored to an extend. Compared to what I have seen in other crime television shows, this one is light in that it does not show too much that one's life comes out of the stomach. Although if anyone is squeamish when seeing blood then be prepared.

Greatly looking forward to season two of this drama if it does happen because it had an open ending and there were many areas that were not touched upon. One in particular would be romance, which this drama lacked of. I am someone who enjoy a little love in books, movies and television shows. 

I would definitely recommend this drama to those who enjoy CSI or something fast paced.

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