BOOK REVIEW: Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

Murder at the Vicarage
Miss Maple #1
by Agatha Christie

A familiar person, but most disliked individual of a small town had been shot in a vicarage with no leads as to who the killer could be. Miss Maple, an intelligent lady lends her wits to solve this mysterious murder.

When starting this book, I thought it would be written through perspective of the lead detective, Miss Maple, but contrary to that idea it was written in that of the vicar. It made her feel less important. I was a tad confused as to why the author would do such an odd way of telling a story; it was not till midway of the book did I understand why. She wanted readers to be kept in the dark for a bit because Miss Maple see everything clearly from the very beginning.

In a small town, such as this everyone knows each other, especially through gossips. A particular favorite pastime of the townspeople is to talk about others, which as a result spread rumors about each other. It fascinate me how they trust each other in a sense that some would not even lock their doors; yet when a murder arises, they become suspicious of everyone. 

The premise of the book simplified the story line because it is more complex then it seem. It got me going around in circles especially with the different names of the townspeople and their alibi. I lost interests in this book due to the dry story line, which got me thinking about DNF it; yet I did not. I pushed through and gave this book a benefit of the doubt.

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