DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episodes 7 & 8

7 First Kisses
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EPISODE 7: Lee Jong Suk
Previously on 7 First Kisses, Soo Jin had kissed two K-pop superstars, Kai from EXO and Ok Taecyeon from 2PM. Sadly, she had to return back to reality, where she is once again at the information desk.

Her manager selected her for an opportunity to be in a commercial with none other than celebrity Lee Jong Suk.  Fan girl moment. The director seemed skeptical of her acting skills since she looked so nervous in front of Jong Suk. Being a nice guy, he persuaded the director that it was her first time so it’s natural. Her nervousness continued as they act with the final straw being her reaction when he placed a necklace around her neck. 

By then the director had enough of her and ready to ask for a different female actress, but Jong Suk came her rescue again by requesting a ten minute break, where they got to know each other better. A request of a kiss immediately pops into her mind, so she told him no kissing. He gave her a priceless look to which she tried to coolly play it off.  Even after that moment, in order for them to be friends, she will give him her number.

The ten minute break worked because the commercial went without any problems with an unexpected kissing scene at the end.  Not knowing what she agreed to, she asked him if they really had to kiss each other. He reassumed her it was going to be a simple kiss. This caused further confusing thus she asked if they had to touch lips in a kissing scene. A set crew interrupted them to form it was time for the kissing scene, which came out naturally with no lips contact.        

EPISODE 8: Lee Min Ho
After getting an experience of a once in a life time of “Kissing” six handsome men, Soo Jin is a cheery mood that caused a surprised to her co-workers. They are wondering as to why she is acting so not herself today.

They all freaked out when they saw Lee Min Ho, a popular author, walking to the information. Soo Jin thinking this is another one of her kisses asked him if they met before somewhere i.e. church or work. Here we go again. I feel a palm to face moment soon. He looked clues as ever had her asking him then why did he come looking for her. Should I pinch her? It dawn on him that he had a question for the information desk. Shameless Soo Jin continues to ask if he would stop beating around the bush and was here to ask her on a date. Let me find a bush to hide behind because I am going to LMAO.

After many of her flirty attempts, he brushed it off and asked her co-workers about picking up an item before he board a flight. Only then did it finally come to her that he was not here for her after all.   

Walking out of work, she stopped midway when she heard a voice from behind. She turned around to meet a very nervous looking Lee Min Ho to whom she apologized for her behavior earlier. As she was complimenting his book, he gave her a familiar looking card. Could it be what I think it is? Turning the card around, an image of him magically appeared. They both looked at each other and smiled.  

At last the episode I was waiting for was released, the Lee Jong Suk one. As always he played his part well. If you could already have guessed, I was in major fan girl moment for the entire episode.

Cliff hanger ending in the last episode got me wondering what to really think. At first it appeared as though Soo Jin was back in reality simply because Lee Min Ho did not come seeking her out as the other guys did. Then again if his identity is that of an author it signified she was dreaming again. The real one would admit he is a model not a author. The end of this all has her still stuck in her dream with no real boyfriend.

My overall thought about this mini web drama, I recommend it to die-hard fans of these lovely Korean men, and daydreamers. It provides one with an instant happy moment filled with cute moments that may be cheesy, but it gets the message across. This is simply a fan girl dream come true to want to imagine herself in Soo Jin’s spot.

My Rating: 
+ 1/2 

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