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I have found myself starting a new K-Drama, Goblin, after hearing much hype about it. Similar to other drama series, I tell myself to not have any expectations coming into; let the drama surprise me. Oh mo mo this drama is a definite must watch! Goblin enchanted me with its story line and casts.  

When I think of a goblin, I think a little green guy that plays naughty tricks on people. That certainly is not the case in Goblin, a K-Drama starring Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Lee Dong Wook. Not only does the goblin looks handsome so does the grim reaper!

The K-Drama started off with an image of a sword with a bloody handle with a voiceover of a woman telling of a tale of how a person becomes a goblin. The voice is of an elderly woman telling a young woman a story as she sells vegetables and little trinkets on a side of a bridge. The young woman does not believe in this little tale.

Meet Kim Shin, a great general, whose sword had been stained with blood from the many lives he had taken. He victoriously walked to the palace hoping the king would greatly congratulation him, but that is not the case. Instead of a warm welcome, he’s greeted as a criminal for all the sin he had committed. Although his men have been innocently killed by palace guards, he persistently marched toward the palace seeking out the king, who expected him coming, waited on the steps with his whole cavalry.

The king foolishly believed the words of a court official became jealous of Shin’s power; hence he decided to kill him off. A heartbreaking scene of Shin witnessing the death of the people he loved. Then with him asking his lieutenant to stab him with his own sword. He’s left in an empty field to be eaten by wild animals; the sword remained inside of him.

While his loved ones grieved his death, god granted him to live as a goblin, but as a punishment for killing so many people, he was given immortality in order for him to watch those who he loved died before him. Only the Goblin’s bride is able to remove the sword then will he be able to rest in peace.

This interesting story line already had me at this point. Stopping this drama is not an option anymore because its magic spell worked on me.  I wanted to know the Goblin’s journey to find his bride.

After the heartbreaking scenes, we meet a handsome Grim Reaper, Wang Yeo, played by Lee Dong Wook, walking the street and got hit by a car. The car suffered major damage with the driver scared out of his wits of what happened. Yeo hypnotized the driver to report he had hit a wild boar. What is the purpose of this? We will find out that the driver had kidnapped, killed and stuffed a woman in the back of his trunk. A job of the Grim Reaper is to help the dead move on to the next life.

Irony works many ways in this drama, especially as to how we are introduced to the Goblin’s bride. A hit and run incident had occurred with the victim bleeding heavily on the white snow. The victim is no other then the young woman we met in the beginning. She pleaded god to save her to which Shin heard. A rule of his was to not interfere with humankind’s life, but he made an exception this time. It turned out the young woman is pregnant, so the Goblin used his power to save them both. Not knowing by saving them, he had changed their destiny and the Goblin’s bride (Ji Eun-tak) was born (literally).

Fast forwarded a couple of years, Eun-tak lives happily with her mother. Her birthday just so happened to be the next day; her mother was planning what to do. Out of nowhere, Eun-Tak spotted a cute puppy and begins to pet it. Nothing unusual about it or is there? The puppy is dead. Hence she has a special ability to see and talk to spirits.

On the day of her birthday, she arrives home to her mother waiting for her with a birthday cake. Until she noticed something out of the ordinary, her mother is a spirit. Meaning she had recently died.

Having to have been informed of Eun-tak’s mom’s death, the Grim Reaper pays a visit to their house. He was shocked to discover her ability to see him. Since her existence was not meant to happen, he wanted to take her as well. The elderly lady in the beginning of the story comes to the rescue, telling him he had no right to. He disappeared, but that will not stop him in the near future. Granny warned Eun-tak that the only way to hid from him was to live with the people (her aunt and cousins) who showed up at her mother’s funeral.

Again fast forward years later, Eun-tak is a lonely senior in high school living with her wicked aunt and cousins. Her ability to see spirits does not go way. One fateful day while walking on the street, she catches the eyes of Kim Shin.

While she celebrates her own birthday on a pier, she made a wish to some way to improve her tragic life. Shin sitting in a field of wildflower (the same place he left to die centuries ago) heard her prayer and appeared before here. He asked who summoned him. She believed he must be her guardian angel to which he denied.

The reason for Shin in the field of wildflower was for him to wait for his bride to come. Every twenty years, he leaves his home and stays in the field seeking out his love. His home is looked after by his human companion/guardian, whose families have been doing for centuries.

Since he was summoned back early, he return to his home to discover his companion, Yoo Deok-hwa, had rented his house out to no one other then the Grim Reaper himself. Yeo signed the contract already therefore Shin and Yeo have to be housemate.  

Eun-tak tested out ways to summon Shin. She figured a way to summon him was to blow out a candle or fire. They banter like no tomorrow until she concluded that he was a goblin and she was his bride. Long story short, she confessed she loves him and want to marry him.

Can this drama get any better? Apparently it did. The complexity of this story line and characters are the icings on the cake. Throw in some cuteness between the Goblin and his unknowing bride and we have ourselves an amazing K-Drama.     


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