FIRST IMPRESSIONS of When a Snail Falls in Love

When a Snail Falls in Love
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Ever since I started watching Chinese drama again, I’m on a continuous search for more, which is where I found myself interested in When a Snail Falls in Love, a crime thriller about a pair of crime detectives, whom through their awkwardness have found love with each other. It certainly was not the synopsis that drew me into giving this a chance; it was actually the catchy title. Yes, the title does reflect the drama; rather than being a pointless one that have no significant meaning what so ever. The snail is Xu Xu, a criminal psychologist, who is slow to falling in love (i.e. snail), whereas Ji Bai is a vigilant lion, whom is not afraid to chase after love and crime.     

With this in mind, I started episode one of When a Snail Falls in Love, which simply does not disappoint. Immediately from the start, we get an action scene with Ji Bai fighting bad guys on a train. We get to see every angles of this fight since the style of the filming is very similar to that a movie and we see the nice clear sharp look, rather than the soft quality. Acton scene does not stop there, which is not a surprise based upon the theme of this drama, a crime thriller.

Amongst all this action scenes, when does the main female lead make her appearance? Alas she officially makes an appearance about 70% into episode one. While her peers play arm wrestling, she sits in the back doodling in her notebook.  In waltz in Zhao Han, who was commanded by Ji Bai to find a way to get rid of Xu Xu because she is not fit enough to be police officer in the crime department. She might not have passed the fitness test, but surely her ability to psychoanalyze people makes up for it.

I sense a tension that will build between Xu Xu and Ji Bai. Him pushing her to be physically fit to be an actual crime detectives, and her struggling to appease him.

So will I continue on to watch episode 2? Yes, most definitely! A crime thriller is a real pick me from the romance dramas that I have been watching. Of course I want to see the chemistry building between these two.    


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