DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses [Lotte Duty Free] Episode 1 & 2

7 First Kisses 
Picture credit: HanCinema
A short Korean melodrama that I have highly anticipated since I saw the teaser of it a month or two ago released the first two episodes. No, I am not sponsored by anyone to talk about this drama. Then again why am I so excited about this drama? It has seven of Korean most leading men: Lee Joon Gi (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), Ji Chong Wook (The K2), Park Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap), TaecYeong (2PM), Kai (EXO), Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds) and Lee Minho (The Legend of the Blue Sea). A star studded K-Drama! Without farther ado, here are my recaps of the first two episodes.

EPISODE 1: Choi Ji Woo
Our main protagonist, Min Soo Jin, works at the information desk at a Lotte Duty Free shop. It just so happen that today was her 25th birthday. The sound of cell phone made her think she received messages from a man asking her out on a date; disappointedly they were from Lotte Duty Free wishing her happy birthday with a birthday discounted codes. Out of all her 25 years, she never had a boyfriend or ever been kiss. She longingly looked at all the happy loving couples.

 A female customer (Choi Ji Woo) walked up to ask for directions to get to the jewelry department, which Soo Jin happily gave directions to. Only after Choi Ji Woo left did Soo Jin noticed she left behind her passport. Franticly running to the jewelry department hoping to catch her to find out from a fellow co-worker, she had not seen her.  

Maybe Choi Ji Woo might be looking for her at the front desk, so she walked back to find out no one was looking for her. Instead, her co-workers scolded her for leaving them alone for too long. They hurried went to the restroom together, leaving Soo Jin all alone with an odd looking passport-like book. On the front cover, a word “Heaven” was engraved, and when she flipped the pages, she saw English writing.

Just at that moment, Choi Ji Woo showed up asking about her passport. Talk about good timing. To repay Soo Jin for safely returning back her precious passport, she used her fairy godmother magic to grant her wish of getting her first kiss and boyfriend. Magically, seven cards with mysterious shadow of a man on each appeared on her desk. Before Choi Ji Woo left, she informed her that she will meet a great man in 10 seconds. Oh snap! Who can it be?

Time slows down and in walk in Lee Joon Gi, a tech millionaire, who tells her since she is getting off of work soon; he will wait for her outside.

EPISODE 2: Lee Joon Gi
Mysterious men number 1 had showed up! It’s no other than Lee Joon Gi.

Not believing it was possible, Soo Jin walked out of work to be stopped by none other than Lee Joon Gi himself. He insisted she have dinner with him just once at his private home, where he had set up a romantic dinner. She swooned over him and so did I.

After dinner, he led her outdoor to watch a picture slideshows with the pictures being of her when she was very little. A little bit creepy, but I’ll go along with it. Lee Joon Gi revealed he had admired her ever since they went to church together. She’s presented with red roses and confessed to have feelings for her. Just when he was about to kiss her, she’s transported back to where she initially was, at the information desk. Talk about failed kiss.

Her co-workers persuaded her to use her phone to vote for the Most Popular Office Guy contest. Just when she picked up her phone, her handsome boss (Park Hae Jin) grabbed her phone.

Give me a moment to squeal in my seat. I am swooned by the possibilities of all these good looking actors in one drama. A definitely must watch to any of the actors’ fans or anyone you wants to watch a simple melodrama.


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