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DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episodes 5 & 6

7 First Kisses
source: HanCinema
Previously on 7 First Kisses…
Soo Jin met and “kissed” Park Hae Jin and Ji Chang Wook. Four kissed men, three left to go.  

Back to reality, she once again found herself at the front desk. Her manager called her over to be interpreter for VIP customers, who are Chinese. As she is helping them, her cell phone vibrates on the desk. The caller is none other than Kai of EXO. 

Walking out of work, she is approached by Kai. He came to ask her out on a date since it’s so hard to ask her out; she agrees.

It turns out she’s his Mandarin teacher and he’s her student. That would explained why her Mandarin was very fluent when she spoke to the VIP customers. He needed one since he was preparing for a concert in China.

Back to the duo, who are happily on a fun date consisting of window shopping through various shops, and ate dinner. They approached an area, where a crowd had gathered to watch street performers danced in pairs. Lured in by the music, Kai dragged Soo Jin to be his partner. It could have been the music or the fact that they were very close to each other, but somehow they locked eyes. As their lips came closer for a kiss, she’s back at the information desk once again.

Suddenly her two co-workers hurried her to go hang out her boyfriend. Boyfriend? Who could it possibly be this time? Getting off the escalator, she meets Taecyeon.

EPISODE 6: Ok Taecyeon (2PM)
Taecyeon, Soo Jin’s boyfriend, took her on a shopping spree. Since he’s the heir to his family’s business, he has more than enough money and to him she’s his angel. Thus she deserves everything that he could possibly give to her.

Their shopping extravagant comes to a halt when they meet Laura, Taecyeon’s former fiancée, whom look anything but happy to see them. She’s very angry as to why he would break his engagement with her.  As if on cue, a man, Mr. Kim, in a butler outfit appears with a tray carrying a cup of water. Laura slashed Soo Jin with the water in the cup.

If matter did not anymore dramatic, Taecyeon’s mother decided to make an appearance. Soo Jin politely greeted her, but a mean respond. She demands to know why Soo Jin did not disappear after she had accepted the money that she had given her. In comes Mr. Kim with a tray holding kimchi. Oh goodness don’t tell me she’s going to hit her with that. It’s going to hurt!

Taecyeon immediately tells Mr. Kim to put that away. He continues to insist upon marrying Soo Jin if his mother did not agree or not.  In comes the butler with a tray of kelp this time. Seriously, where does this guy get them from?

His mother was prepared to hit Soo Jin with kelp until he stepped in to prevent her. They had a struggle that resulted in the kelp landed on Laura’s face, which caused his mother to faint.

Not wanting to be part of this soap opera anymore, Soo Jin was about to break up with him before he stopped her. Taecyeon picked up his cell phone to call upon a press conference, where he announced that he had given up his inheritance and family for her. She’s his everything. Wow, he gave up his wealth and family so that he could be with her.

Deeply moved by his announcement, she decided not to break up with him. Their eyes met and their lips were close enough for a kiss until Soo Jin pushed him away. She did not really kiss him.

We can probably guess where she’s at the moment. That’s right at the information desk. Not for long since her manager pulled her over to do a commercial. Who would her co-star be? Drums roll me please. Lee Jong Suk!

This week episodes of Seven First Kisses seemed to be not as excited as the previous ones. One was a carefree date while the other one was a soap opera in the making. It does goes with the theme of Korean male lead, who are singers.

Looking back at these episodes of this short drama, I noticed how each one of them falls into a cliché story line: dating a tech millionaire, falling for one’s handsome boss, being in love with a secret agent, student-teacher relationship and love of chaebol.

Until the next episode of Seven First Kisses recaps. 


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