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DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episode 3 & 4

7 First Kisses
source: HanCinema
Previously on Seven First Kisses, fairy godmother Choi Ji Woo granted Soo Jin’s wish of getting her first kiss by allowing her to meet seven mysterious men with “kiss” number one given by Lee Joon Gi. Just right after the kiss, she came back to present time and met her handsome boss, Park Hae Jin aka potential kiss number2.

EPISODE 3:  Park Hae Jin 
Due to her using her cell phone during work, her boss inquired her to work overtime with him. When she walked into his office, she expected there to be lots of works to be done; rather she ate dinner with him. He seeing it was already late said he will take her home.

Right after he walked out the door, she stayed behind to clean up to only to have discovered a stack of pictures of her on his desk. What is going in on? Is her boss the mysterious perverted stalker sticking photos in her locker? Fearing the latter, she hurryingly ran to the stairs hoping to avoid him. Another pair of footsteps could be heard walking down the stairs.

Right as she reached the ground floor, she bumped into a shady man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and trench coat with a camera hanging around his neck. He asked her how she liked the photos he took of her? Panicking, she tried to escape to have him grabbed and flashed her. Out of nowhere, Park Hae Jin came to her rescue; the stalker knocked down to the ground. My hero!

Once matters were handled to the proper authorities, Park Hae jin insisted on driving her to work every day. He admits he has feelings for her and he thinks she does too since she did not vote for the other bosses in Most Popular Office Guy contest. Before she could say anything, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Soo Jin looked at him speechlessly. Their eyes locked and moment beholds a kiss.

Similar to what happened before, she once again found herself at the information desk. Glancing at the deck of cards she was given, she noticed on the back of Park Hae Jin card, it warned her of to be careful of whom she kissed. What is that supposed to mean?

Before she figured out the answer, she sees Ji Chang Wook being chased by several men.

EPISODE 4: Ji Chang Wook
As Soo Jin was changing out her work clothes, she found an envelope containing a USB. Not knowing what to do with it, she stuffed it into her purse. It would seem like another night of walking home until she was grabbed by Ji Chang Wook. He immediately asked for the USB.

After obtaining the USB, he apologized for getting her involved, but as he walked away, someone pointed a gun at his head. His cover as a secret agent has been blown. Before matters get more complicated, a fight broke out. Seeing this, Soo Jin busted out her fighting skills and knocked the bad guys out.

Ji Chang Wook planned on leaving her at a safe house until she insisted on taking care of his wound. Getting up to leave after finishing patching him up, he grabbed her wrist to ask her to stay. He revealed to her why he fired her from working alongside him as a secret agent; he fell in love with her. Not trusting anyone at the agency, he came looking for her. It was her turn to ask him to stay, which made him realized he would do whatever it takes to be by her side. Signal a kiss is in the air.

We should all know what to expect. She’s back at the information desk once again.

Her manager called her over to help a VIP shopper shop since they have to leave for a flight shortly. Meanwhile her phone vigorously vibrated on the desk. Who could be calling her? The caller (Kai from EXO) wondered why she’s not answering her phone.   

Out of episode 3 and 4, it would be 3 that is my favorite. Why? It has the most swoons worthy man, Park Hae Jin. I have seen some of his previous works, My Love From Another Star and Doctor Stranger, but they did nothing to prepare me for how he looked in Seven First Kisses.

In regards to the drama so far, it’s cute to watch, but can be a little déjà vu, especially to what happened after she kissed each guy. It was a dream short lived with her having to be transported back to reality over and over again. Although I’m curious as to what the warning on the back of Park Hae Jin card mean.


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