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C-DRAMA REVIEW: When a Snail Falls in Love

When a Snail Falls in Love
source: Baidu
When a Snail Falls in Love left me with quite a first impression that I ended up marathoning the whole series or the current episodes already released online. I kept telling myself “patience is a virtue” as I waited for the last two episodes of this crime thriller. Although I have been spoiled for the ending, I still waited for English subtitles because I wanted to see how it all ends.

Straight from the start, this drama intrigue viewers by its unique title, When a Snail Falls in Love, which simply draws us in. It’s a figurative saying; it’s not about an actual snail and lion. In this case, the snail is Xu Xu, who is clever when it comes to psychoanalyze a crime, but slow when it comes to love. Ji Bai is the lion in terms of his fierce and brave ability to pursuit crimes and love. Two polar opposites; yet they make a perfect crime solving duo. 

This duo has a slow burning love story that makes it ever so sweet to watch short snippets in each episode. It’s not instants love when they first met, but we actually get to see them slowly fall for each other. My favorite part of this drama that it did not overwhelmed me with the romance. They tone it down, which gave me more time to focus on the rest of the story.

A crime thriller that started on a train that will take us on an action packed ride. The first scene is set on a train, where Ji Bai is seen fighting bad guy. Ironic enough toward the end of this drama, we see him again on a train. As for thriller part of this drama, we are kept on the edge of our seats as we come along Xu Xu and Ji Bai as they solve cases with plenty of plot twists. Just when we thought we had figured it all out, the writer throws in a monkey wrench that will make us reanalyze our information.

Unlike other crime thriller dramas, When a Snail Falls in Love has a movie-like quality of it. Most dramas have a soft quality, where imagine is saturated. This drama has clear crisp imagery that make it no longer a television show, rather a multiple parts movie broadcast on T.V.  In addition, viewers get aero views of the various locations in which the drama was filmed. These were refreshing to watch and made me feel as though I was on a tour.

Since When a Snail Falls in Love is based upon a popular novel with the same name, the drama ending left off with a potential for a sequel. For the book it does not stop there, the story develops farther. It could happen in the future. I’m crossing my fingers to see more of the snail and the lion.

Highly recommend this drama.

  • Slow burning romance
  • Movie-like quality
  • Action packed episodes
  • Plenty of plot twists
  • Chemistry between the two leads
  • A smart female lead, which is rare in drama
  • No love triangle with zero fights between the female characters over male lead
  • 30 minutes per episodes

  • Opening ending
My rating:


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