C-DRAMA REVIEW: Sound of the Desert

Sound of the Desert
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Sound of the Desert aired in 2014, but it was not till two years later did I start to watch it. I completely had no expectations coming into this C-Drama; thus by the end of episode 1, I was completely hooked and could not get enough of it. A unique story line, amazing casts and epic love triangle made it into an unforgetful drama.

The renowned author of Scarlet Heart, Tong Hua, created Xin Yue, an orphan, who was raised by wolves and later adopted by a Han scholar. Due to a political dispute, she is left wandering the desert with her wolf family. In a mist of sand, she meets two men, Mo Xun and Wei Wu Ji, each with distinguishable background. Her path to build her entertainment parlor in Chang’an allowed her to crossed paths with Mo Xun, an influential businessman in Chang’an, and handsome, but cold General Wei Ju Ji.

 Straight from the start Sound of the Desert completely sold me on this story about a girl, who was raised by wolves. I admired her carefree, brave and straightforward personality. She did not let her past ruin her future; rather it let her be optimist in life. It made it even more better with Cecilia Liu, one of my favorite actresses, portraying quirky Xin Yue. Her charisma not only charmed me, but also won the hearts of the two male leads, which will eventually lead to an epic love triangle.

An extraordinary love triangle between Xin Yue, Mo Xun and Wei Wu Ji will cause viewers heartache. I myself am I not a big fan of love triangle because it can be messy and diminished the story line. This was not the case in this drama; these two amazing men love her with all their heart. It was hard to not dislike them any less. What a girl to do when love by these men?

General Wei Wu Ji had my heart from the very beginning. There was no room for Mo Xun to squeeze in. I may be biased due to the fact that I love the actor, who played Wu Ji, Eddie Peng. With that in mind, I played a neutral front to carefully investigate these two men to find the more suitable lover for Xin Yue.

Mo Xun, a great man, who did not let his disability hold him back from becoming a successful business. His generous personality made him love by many, which was no surprise when Xin Yue fell for him hard. He felt the same to her, but he let his disability hold him back from attaining his only wish (to be with her) in life. An ignorant side of him caused him to make mistakes; yet he does not learn from them until it’s too late. It seems he did not place her highly on his priorities list.

Silently staying by Xin Yue’s side, Wu Ji never gave up on wooing her. As a general, he tactically fought battles that enforced him to learn from his mistakes from day one. One mishap is enough place him one step behind his enemy or in this case his love rival, Mo Xun. In his mind, he always regretted not finding Xin Yue first when she arrive in Chian’an; thus once he found her, he never stopped chasing her. Why he’s the better lover? He simply placed Xin Yue’s happiness at the top of his priorities. There is nothing in the world that matter more than her being happy.     

Till this day, I am still suffering from major withdrawal from Sound of the Desert. I cannot get over the fact that I have not watched it any time sooner. This drama ruins me for other romantic ones, especially Wu Ji’s character. Good job Eddie Peng for an amazing job at portraying Wu Ji!

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