My Sunshine
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After finishing Murphy’s Law of Love, I was still in the mood for Chinese drama; thus I came across a director’s cut of My Sunshine. Huge mistake because it left me confuse and led me to think the characters were bipolar.  To end this confusion, I went on ahead and view the full version of My Sunshine.

My Sunshine warms the heart with its romantic love story of Mo Shen and YiChen. Fate allowed them to crossed path in college, but tested their love toward each other until it decided enough was enough, and intertwined their paths again. They never really forgotten one another; rather absence makes the heart grow fonder. Despite people pulling them together or apart, they kept their love simple and blissful.

He YiChen, a man of few words, appears quiet but greatly makes up for it with his actions. A character, whom I had a difficult time understanding at times because he does not verbally express his feelings. He’s more of a man of actions even though his profession requires him to use his eloquent speaking skills to win court cases. One of his shinning traits would be his love toward Zhao Mo Sheng.

Mo Sheng’s bubbly personality warms up the story line and makes it hard not to like her. This drama would be dim without her radiating her sunlight onto the darkness. Her cheerful self makes her a kid at heart. Yet even the sun have some sun spots with one of her being her withholding herself from telling the truth to YiChen, which tarnished their relationship in the beginning. Later on she does a better job by being honest to him.

As for the actors and actresses who played as the OTP, they captured the image of a blissful couple. They knew how to act in a way that allowed us to better understand them base upon their words and actions.  We can definitely tell there’s chemistry between these two.

While My Sunshine thrives on its romantic story line, it can be a little stretch out. There was a reason as to why the director’s cut was created, to shorten the time we need spent to watch this drama. This is the typical Chinese drama with it’s 30+ episodes, so keep in mind the story line may be too long to those who are used to 16 episodes kind of drama.

Do I recommend this drama? Yes, to those who enjoy a good romantic story.

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