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VIDEO: DNF K-Drama & C-Drama

VIDEO: DNF K-Drama & C-Drama

DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episodes 5 & 6

EPISODE 5: Kai (EXO) Previously on 7 First Kisses… Soo Jin met and “kissed” Park Hae Jin and Ji Chang Wook. Four kissed men, three left to go.  
Back to reality, she once again found herself at the front desk. Her manager called her over to be interpreter for VIP customers, who are Chinese. As she is helping them, her cell phone vibrates on the desk. The caller is none other than Kai of EXO.


Week 7:
7 First Kisses I have been super excited for this K-Drama. Why? It has seven of Korea most leading men: Lee Joon Gi (Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Park Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap), Ji Chang Wook (The K2), Kai (EXO), Taec Yeong (2PM), Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds), and Lee Minho (Legend of the Blue Sea). This cute drama gives out a carefree vibe from the plot driven ones I have been watching lately. Storyline is simple and straight to the point about a girl who wished to get her first kiss. DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episodes 1 & 2

VIDEO: HEA & Opening Ending in Books

VIDEO: HEA & Opening Endings in Books

C-DRAMA REVIEW: When a Snail Falls in Love

When a Snail Falls in Love left me with quite a first impression that I ended up marathoning the whole series or the current episodes already released online. I kept telling myself “patience is a virtue” as I waited for the last two episodes of this crime thriller. Although I have been spoiled for the ending, I still waited for English subtitles because I wanted to see how it all ends.
Straight from the start, this drama intrigue viewers by its unique title, When a Snail Falls in Love, which simply draws us in. It’s a figurative saying; it’s not about an actual snail and lion. In this case, the snail is Xu Xu, who is clever when it comes to psychoanalyze a crime, but slow when it comes to love. Ji Bai is the lion in terms of his fierce and brave ability to pursuit crimes and love. Two polar opposites; yet they make a perfect crime solving duo.

DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses Episode 3 & 4

Previously on Seven First Kisses, fairy godmother Choi Ji Woo granted Soo Jin’s wish of getting her first kiss by allowing her to meet seven mysterious men with “kiss” number one given by Lee Joon Gi. Just right after the kiss, she came back to present time and met her handsome boss, Park Hae Jin aka potential kiss number2.
EPISODE 3:  Park Hae Jin  Due to her using her cell phone during work, her boss inquired her to work overtime with him. When she walked into his office, she expected there to be lots of works to be done; rather she ate dinner with him. He seeing it was already late said he will take her home.

VIDEO: K-Drama to Continue Watching

VIDEO: K-Drama to Continue Watching


I have found myself starting a new K-Drama, Goblin, after hearing much hype about it. Similar to other drama series, I tell myself to not have any expectations coming into; let the drama surprise me. Oh mo mo this drama is a definite must watch! Goblin enchanted me with its story line and casts.
When I think of a goblin, I think a little green guy that plays naughty tricks on people. That certainly is not the case in Goblin, a K-Drama starring Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Lee Dong Wook. Not only does the goblin looks handsome so does the grim reaper!

VIDEO: Weekly C/K-Drama Recaps - Week 6

VIDEO: Weekly C/K-Drama Recaps - Week 6

DRAMA RECAPS: 7 First Kisses [Lotte Duty Free] Episode 1 & 2

A short Korean melodrama that I have highly anticipated since I saw the teaser of it a month or two ago released the first two episodes. No, I am not sponsored by anyone to talk about this drama. Then again why am I so excited about this drama? It has seven of Korean most leading men: Lee Joon Gi (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), Ji Chong Wook (The K2), Park Hae Jin (Cheese in the Trap), TaecYeong (2PM), Kai (EXO), Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds) and Lee Minho (The Legend of the Blue Sea). A star studded K-Drama! Without farther ado, here are my recaps of the first two episodes.
EPISODE 1: Choi Ji Woo Our main protagonist, Min Soo Jin, works at the information desk at a Lotte Duty Free shop. It just so happen that today was her 25th birthday. The sound of cell phone made her think she received messages from a man asking her out on a date; disappointedly they were from Lotte Duty Free wishing her happy birthday with a birthday discounted codes. Out of all her 25 years, she never had a boyfriend or e…

C-DRAMA REVIEW: Sound of the Desert

Sound of the Desert aired in 2014, but it was not till two years later did I start to watch it. I completely had no expectations coming into this C-Drama; thus by the end of episode 1, I was completely hooked and could not get enough of it. A unique story line, amazing casts and epic love triangle made it into an unforgetful drama.
The renowned author of Scarlet Heart, Tong Hua, created Xin Yue, an orphan, who was raised by wolves and later adopted by a Han scholar. Due to a political dispute, she is left wandering the desert with her wolf family. In a mist of sand, she meets two men, Mo Xun and Wei Wu Ji, each with distinguishable background. Her path to build her entertainment parlor in Chang’an allowed her to crossed paths with Mo Xun, an influential businessman in Chang’an, and handsome, but cold General Wei Ju Ji.


After finishing Murphy’s Law of Love, I was still in the mood for Chinese drama; thus I came across a director’s cut of My Sunshine. Huge mistake because it left me confuse and led me to think the characters were bipolar.  To end this confusion, I went on ahead and view the full version of My Sunshine.
My Sunshine warms the heart with its romantic love story of Mo Shen and YiChen. Fate allowed them to crossed path in college, but tested their love toward each other until it decided enough was enough, and intertwined their paths again. They never really forgotten one another; rather absence makes the heart grow fonder. Despite people pulling them together or apart, they kept their love simple and blissful.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS of When a Snail Falls in Love

Ever since I started watching Chinese drama again, I’m on a continuous search for more, which is where I found myself interested in When a Snail Falls in Love, a crime thriller about a pair of crime detectives, whom through their awkwardness have found love with each other. It certainly was not the synopsis that drew me into giving this a chance; it was actually the catchy title. Yes, the title does reflect the drama; rather than being a pointless one that have no significant meaning what so ever. The snail is Xu Xu, a criminal psychologist, who is slow to falling in love (i.e. snail), whereas Ji Bai is a vigilant lion, whom is not afraid to chase after love and crime.

VIDEO: November 2016 Wrap Up

VIDEO: November 2016 Wrap Up

VIDEO: Weekly C/K-Drama Recap - Week 4 & 5

VIDEO: Weekly C/K-Drama Recap