REVIEW: Trust Honor Love by J.M. Witt

Trust Honor Love
by J.M. Witt
“I see you, Heathcliff Daniel Kerrigan. I know who you are. Your breath is my life and you’re the only one who knows who I am. You owe me, always have.”

I owe to myself to tell you how this story made me felt mixed up inside.

Trust Honor Love started off well with Lucy getting tired of going on numerous dating sites to end up on horrible dates. An ad in the newspaper called for volunteer to participate in a new study, where they will find a husband/wife for a person; she saw it at sign for her to finally find a husband. In the meantime she keeps bumping into Heath, a childhood friend, who she has a love hate kind of relationship with since he made a fool out of her one summer by pretending to be his twin brother, Will. 

The author has created a unique combination of a marriage program and love hate relationship that got me wondering how she would pull this off. A couple of chapters in, it became clearly, who the author wanted Lucy to be with. It’s none other than Heath.

Lucy and Heath have a dynamic relationship. No doubt about there’s chemistry between them. My mixed up feeling began when their love story started, which became chaotic. Lucy was doing too much while the Heath was doing too little or not willing to fight for her. I wanted to knock some sense into his mind telling him if she is the love of your life, why are you not doing anything to make her stay.

Near the end I felt a little rushed, but it was a fast read.     

Rating: 2 stars


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