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REVIEW: The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

The Heart of Betrayal
(The Remnant Chronicles #2)
by Mary E. Pearson

“We’ve had a terrible start-it doesn’t mean we can’t have a better ending.”

If the first book in the Remnant Chronicles did not deceived you with a kiss, then prepare your heart for it would tested in the Heart of Betrayal.

Previously in the Kiss of Deception, Lia and Rafe found themselves captured in an unknown Kingdom of Venda. Could it get any worst? Yes, it can because the Komizar of Venda has other plans for Lia’s gift. She has to devise a plan to ensure she has the upper hand in the scheme she started. On a plus side, readers don’t have to guess as to who the prince is and who the assassin is anymore.
 At the tender age of seventeen, Lia has a great deal of responsibilities on her shoulders. Her bravery shine extremely bright in this book since there is more at stake than just her life. She precedes a situation with caution, but delivers a clear message to others that she is not someone they want to mess with:
                “Let me make this perfectly clear to you. Though some might seek to make it appear otherwise, I am not a bride to be bartered away to another kingdom, nor a prize of war, nor a mouthpiece for your Komizar. I am not a chip in a card game to be mindlessly tossed into the center of the pot, nor one to be kept in the tight fist of a greedy opponent. I am a player seated at the table alongside everyone else, and from this day forward, I will play my own hand as I see fit. Do you understand me? Because the consequences could be ugly if someone thought otherwise.”
Bravo Lia! Well said! She’s no longer someone’s pawn in their game. Now she is in charge of her own destiny.

Fate allowed her path to crossed with Rafe and Kaden. It does not take long for readers to know where Lia’s heart lie, which is on the same place it was since the first book. The author tried to toy with the love triangle again, but it was clear that Lia has made her choice already.

Rafe continues to warm my heart with his charm as for Kaden, it’s complicated. Readers don’t know much about Kaden beside the fact that he is the assassin for Venda, who became smitten with Lia. Other than that readers were kept in the dark. Now sunlight has shined its way to reveal a glimpse of his personality. I genuine like him, but not enough where I would put ship him with Lia.

The author introduced readers to the place that Kaden have called home, Venda, a dark and dismal place with many secrets. The keeper of these secrets would be the Komizar. Is it odd that he reminds me of the Darkling from the Grisha triology? They both possess a greed for greatness.

As for the story line; it was well developed that I really know what to expect. Small plot twists pop up here and there throughout the book. The story line was no longer about romance; it became more about embracing the world around.

Rating: 4.5 stars  


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