REVIEW: Before We were Strangers by Renee Carlino

Before We were Strangers
by Renee Carlino
“No one could change the past or give us back the time we had lost, and there were no words to make everything better. We just had to accept the present for what it was.”

I would not change the past or the present since I would not have gotten the chance to read this touching story about getting a second chance at love.  There would be some heartbreaking in store, but it won’t be great love if there is nothing worth fighting for.

Matt and Grace deserve this second chance. All their missteps in the past led them back to where their love really belongs, which is each other. This will not be easy since they thought their love ended already fifteen years ago, but time has nothing on them. There’s a saying how absence makes the heart grows fonder.

 My heart beat erratically for them since the day they first met each other. There is no denying they are meant for each other, but time does not seem to be on their side, which got me to label them as the star crossed lovers. Time was kind on them by blessing them each with new love; yet it was nothing compared to what they had. Fifteen years later, the star crossed lovers coincidentally met.

Fifteen years is a long time and I was curious to see how much these two have changed since their college years. Their rekindling became frustrating since they both have secrets to tell each other.

Grace is a down to earth sweet girl, who is musically gifted. She will do anything for the people she loved to the point of working odd jobs for money. It makes me think how she is unselfish by giving others all she has even when she has nothing to give in the beginning.   

Charismatic Matt, who talent in photography led him to a big award, tried to keep a safe distance toward the object of his affection. I genuinely liked him. Here’s is where the but came in. He was a cool guy until he had a melt down with Grace, which I could understand why, but he should not have ignored or blamed her for it. Once he realized that, he was cool again.

As for the story line; it was touching to read. The author really made readers get into the characters’ heads. The flashbacks were not sudden and went well with the overall story.

Readers won’t be strangers to the author’s works anymore after they read this book.

Rating: 4 stars


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