REVIEW: Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare

Beauty and the Blacksmith
by Tessa Dare
“This forge was the glowing, iron heart of Spindle Cove, and Aaron Dawes was its pulse. Strong. Steady, Vital.”

Excuse me as I fan myself from this sense of heat wave that suddenly appears when I opened Beauty and the Blacksmith. Thanks goodness it would be a quick burn since this book is a novella. 

I am a fan of historical romance at heart, but after a while the typical pairing of a damsel in distress with a nobleman/rake/bad boy gets a little bit cliché. In arrive Beauty and the Blacksmith, which gives a general description of who the otp are. For a change it’s a love match between a lady and a blacksmith. Imagined my excitement as I started this novella to see how the author would pull it off.  

A short lived cat and mouse game between Diana and Aaron as they realized there is something between them. I actually like the straight forwardness of their relationship. It was like reading a historical romance, but half the amount of pages and fast pace story line. Their love story may see too immediate or forced upon yet it’s not. They already have feelings for each other, so it only depends on who was willing to step up to take a chance.

Rating: 3 stars


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