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REVIEW: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave
by Rick Yancey
"We're here, and then we're gone, and it's not about the time we're here, but what we do with the time." - Evan
Meet Cassie, who was an ordinary teenager until the Others crashed landing on Earth. Now, Cassie's main goal is to survive the 5th wave.

When one thinks of aliens, immediately an animated image of a friendly looking green guy pop into the mind. Not exactly the same scenario in the 5th Wave. The Others are alien, who do not come in peace. Their sole purpose, to rid Earth of humanity.

The author crafted the Others in way that they are not your ordinary extraterrestrial beings. They are not dumb, they are clever bunch. After years of carefully observing human behaviors, they set their plan in action by unleashing various plans of attack in form of waves. They have mastered the art of camouflaging themselves into normal looking human beings, whose targets were to kill humans from the inside out.

No one can be trusted!

I seriously had trust issues when I read the 5th Wave because no one can be trusted. The Others had take on form of humans and came hard to distinguish the good from the bad. I became cautious of every person, whom Cassie came into contact with.

Mentioning of Cassie, who I found to be heroic and funny at the same time. Being the last human on Earth does bring great responsibilities. She literally had to survive by herself in the wild with sole companion a M16 and a journal. This does not dimmed her sense of humor, rather her sarcasm brought comical relief in this adrenaline rushing story.

Then in came Evan, who seem a little too good to be true at time. His heart may have been in the wrong place at first, but it's not anymore. Something about his character charmed me. It could be his sweet and caring side toward Cassie or the allure of a tall dark and mysterious kind of guy.

Ben's character significantly changed from when readers first meet at the vengeful soldier to a brave guy. A golden boy, who completely changed after the arrival of the Others. He vowed to seek revenge for humanity when his heart was not in the right spot.

The 5th Wave contained multiple point of views that I sometime find myself lost as to whom I'm reading about until I actually get to read the first couple of pages. I enjoyed reading more from Cassie's POV than Ben's even if his contained more plot development.

I applaud the author for his ability to write a clever plot twist. I really did not see that coming. I had my suspicions.

As for the sequel, the Infinite Sea, I am definitely plan on reading in the future.

Rating: 4.5/5


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