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January Unboxing & Book Haul | 2016

Video: January Unboxing & Book Haul 2016

VIDEO: Paper Towns Movie Review

Video: Paper Towns Movie Review

VIDEO: Book Series to Start in 2016

Video: Book Series to Start in 2016

A Change in Blog Name


If you are looking for A Glimpse of Wonderland blog, you are in the right spot. I recently changed its name to Smile Reading. It's more simplistic and plus it's my username for YouTube/Booktube, so everything works out.

Smile Reading is still undergoing construction. Some minor changes here and there, but no fear I will not change the title of this blog again.

Thank you for checking out my blog.


REVIEW: The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski

"Sometimes you think you want something...when what you need is to let it go." - Arin Warning reading this book would literally tear your heart to pieces. I totally agree with whomever said this. After finishing this book, I am left speechless at how my heart is severely broken to pieces and tell myself to patiently wait for the Winner's Kiss. As for now let me tell you about the Winner's Crime.

2016 Bookish Resolutions

Video: 2016 Bookish Resolutions

Most Anticipated Books of 2016

Video: Most Anticipated Books of 2016

January 2016 TBR

Video: January 2016 TBR

REVIEW: My True Love Gave to Me

So happy that I picked this book up during the holidays because it made me feel more into the holiday spirit. My True Love Gave to Me contained some cute short stories, but it has some that I got me baffled at the complex story development. There were several authors I have not read before, I was thrilled to be able to read their work for the first time.

Favorite Reads of 2015

Video: Favorite Reads of 2015