Sweet Possession by J. Daniels Review

Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction #2)
by J. Daniels
"You were always meant to be mine. Even before I knew it." - Reese
Once I finished reading Sweet Addiction, I immediately indulged myself in the sequel, Sweet Possession. Yes, I got pulled into this series after reading it in one seating and felt attached to these characters, whom I formed connections with over a short span of time. I laughed, swooned, blushed, and teary eyes with the story line.

The chemistry between Dylan and Reese only intensified in the second book as they planned a life together. It amazed me how much they love each other. Knowing that not all relationships are perfect, worked hard to stay together when obstacles in their ways want to bring them apart; rather these bumps in the road, build their relationship stronger.

This book is a must read to those who enjoyed the first book and curious to see how Dylan and Reese relationship turn out.

Rating: 4/5


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