Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo Book Review

Ruin and Rising (The Grisha #3)
by Leigh Bardugo
source: Goodreads

"I'm the Sun Summoner. It gets dark when I say it does." - Alina
As I continued on the journey with Alina and the others to save Ravka, I never expect how much this story drew me in. I laughed, cheered and mourned with each characters as they faced the fight of their lives to save the country from the Darkling. The numerous plot twists got me guessing what would happened next. Will it be a happy ending or will it ultimately lead to a heartbroken end?

The sun rise over Alina, who maintained the fierce personality she gained in the previous book. Mentally, she struggled with figuring out what she really wants when it all ends. Does she wishes to be queen or have a normal life? A hard decision for her to make, but readers know what her heart truly desire. At the end of the day she does not want to be queen, she wants a normal life with the boy she love.

Alina and Mal's love story has no ending. One does not have to be a Grisha to see how much in love they are:
"He watches her the way Harshaw watches fire. Like he'll never have enough of her. Like he's trying to capture what he can before she's gone." - Tolya
Their relationship formed over love, not political alliance or greed for power. A love, where they tried so hard to let the other person go to find their own happiness, because that's what great love means.

Mal definitely redeemed himself in Ruin and Rising. No longer the insecure man, and in its place a man, who would do anything for the woman he love. I have been on team Mal since the previous book, so I was thrilled to see him man up this book.

The author introduced the quote:
"What is infinite? The universe and the greed of men." - Shadow and Bone
 This summed up the central message the author wanted to send to the readers. The universe is infinite, but so is men greed for power. People assumed they can never get enough power, thus they seek alternative methods hoping they would make them more powerful. Unlike the universe that has no limit, power does.

Hence, the ending to the Grisha Trilogy left me very satisfied. The author knew what would be best for each character based upon their needs, rather than what others want them to be.

I absolute enjoyed reading this series. Highly recommend it to those who are looking for a fun fantasy read.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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