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A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd Book Review

A Cold Legacy (The Madman's Daughter #3)
by Megan Shepherd
source: Goodreads
"There was no escaping one's fate."
A bittersweet ending to the Madman's Daughter trilogy. The author managed to squeeze suspense, horror, romance and numerous plot twists into this book that got me on the edge of my seat. I could not get enough of what event would happen next.

Let's talk about the numerous plot twists that the author scattered among the pages like Easter's eggs. Just when I thought I had a grip of the story line in comes something I totally did not see coming. Mind that each one of these little bends in the road have their purposes. In addition there exist a major plot twist to the whole trilogy.

Juliet no longer walked in her father's shadow as she determined to decide her own fate. The legacy her father left her continued to haunt, but she learned she cannot escape her destiny. There were times when I truly wondered what her actions meant because her mind had a hard time catching up with her actions. As she slowly rationalized herself, she progressed into a better Juliet compared to her previous self.

A two dimensional Montgomery exposed a true side of him that he had been hiding. For the last two books, he bothered me with the secrets he kept from Juliet. I get that he wants to protect her, but she cannot live in denial for the rest of her life. With that being saying, he strive to be the angel on Juliet's side and finally readers get to see what he has been hiding.

As for the bittersweet ending the author left readers with. Not a typical finale, where everyone lives happily ever after. Deaths and sacrifices have to be made to resolved certain issues. I am satisfied with how the author concluded this trilogy.

Amidst of the plot twists and character development, the author delivers a simple message to readers: we each have our own path and it entirely up to us to decide our own fate. Why idolized an immortal life:
 "When you can never die, do you ever really live?" - Montgomery
When one is able to life forever, is it really worth because will it be living? If one is able to live a long life, there is no need for another. There is only one life to live.

Rating: 4.5-5 stars


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