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August 2015 Wrap Up

Video: August 2015 Wrap Up

Aug 2015 Book Haul

Video: August 2015 Book Haul

Book Pet Peeves | Talk Thursday

Video: Book Pet Peeves | Talk Thursday

Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd Review

"Sometimes you have to embrace the darkness to stop it," - Juliet Moreau Juliet finds herself in London, but this time in different circumstances. Rather than living her previous life as a maid, she gets back the one she had before her father's scandal. Events at the islands still haunts her dreams, but she strives to forget about them. Until individuals,who she once knew get mysterious murdered does she realized the past can never simply be forgotten. Mean time her health is deteriorating, her father's remedy no longer works, so it's up to her to find a cure to save herself, and stop a murderer.

Reading Slump & Painting | Talk Thursday

Video: Reading Slump & Painting | Talk Thursday

Nowhere But Here by Renee Carlino Review

"The pretty ones are always a little cray-cray." - Jamie Kate Corbin, a 26-years-old, who lost her ambition in life. After a death of a loved one left her numb to the outside world, the young journalist finds herself writing meaningless articles. Her editor gave her a chance in a life time to interview mysterious tech genius R.J. Lawson, whose wine yard has acquired numerous acknowledgements. Determined this assignment would change her career, Kate packed her bags to travel to Napa Valley, where she will find more answers she could ever bargain for.

Highly Anticipated 2015 Books Release | Talk Thursday

Video: Highly Anticipated 2015 Books Releases | Talk Thursday

August 2015 TBR

Video: August 2015 TBR

July 2015 Wrap Up

Video: July 2015 Wrap Up