Paper Towns by John Green Review

Paper Towns by John Green
Even at a young age, Quinton always had a crush on his next door neighbor, Margo. One night she took him upon a journey that forever changed his life. The very next day, she went missing. Q believed it was up to him to follow the bread crumbs that Margo left to find her.

Paper Towns by John Green left me wondering of what I really thought about this book. I don't really hate nor do I love it. For me, the story didn't really picked up until midway of the book. By the time I finished reading, I liked how moving the story line was. The characters were unique in their ways; they slowly grew on this journey to find Margo. At time, I found Q to be a tad too obsess in finding Margo.

Although the book had left me feeling complex about it, I am certainly looking forward to the Paper Towns movie. 

Rating: 3/5 stars 


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