Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot Review

Royal Wedding (Princess Diaries, Volume XI) by Meg Cabot

Royal Wedding, the eleventh book of the Princess Diaries, takes place quite some time after the last time readers had heard about Princess Mia. She graduated college, still the Princess of Genovia, and in love with her long time boyfriend, Michael. A secretive trip to Bahamas turned to a life changing event of Michael proposing to Mia. She said yes, which lead to a whirlwind of events to plan a royal wedding. Aside from wedding preparation, more scandals rock the royal family.

How did I find out about this book? I happened to browse Tumblr one night to come across news about an adult spin off to the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. Ecstatic would be a more calmer way to express my surprise. I literally jumped for joy because it is a beloved series of mine ever since I was in middle school.

My thoughts about this book, I absolutely adore this book. It brought me the same feelings of joy, laughter, angst and giddiness that I felt from reading this beloved series. I miss reading Meg Cabot's writing style, and the characters, especially Mia. The Princess Diaries series had evolved from previous books in that Mia is all grown up. In addition, the author added several references to popular cultures that made me more giddy when I noticed her reference Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

Finally words: a must read to fans of Princess Mia and those who are looking for a feel good kind of book.

Rating: 5/5  


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