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Ugly Love by Coleen Hoover Review

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover
"You're solid, I'm liquid. You part the waters, I'm your wake," (Hoover 109).
On a search to find her brother's apartment came to a halt when Tate Collins notices a drunken man, Miles Archer, sitting in front of the door. Reluctantly she had to pull him into the apartment on a request of her brother, Corbin. In the middle of the night, she somehow find herself comforting a crying Miles. Much to her discomfort, he wakes her up early in the morning demanding to know what happened last night. That is how Tate and Miles first met each other; they sure left a lasting first impression on each other, but sparks didn't fly immediately. They did noticed how physically attracted they were to each other, so they came to agree upon a no string attached kind of relationship. Unknowing to them, this little arrangement between them will change their lives.

(WARNING! Content contains spoilers. Book content have explicit scenes.)

Characters and Plot Development:
Two people taking off on a flight to find love. The story opens out with Tate's perspective in the present of how she was not thrill to move in with her brother. She is smart, and strong heart woman, who life objectives were to find job, and obtain a master in nursing. In comes Miles's point of view, but 6 years ago, where readers are able to see his dark past that led him to be the person he is. As his history is slowly revealed, he comes as a workaholic and brokenhearted pilot, who deeply traumatized by his part that he constantly wears a mask on his face. It will slowly began to break when he meets Tate.

Along the way their flight hit turbulence in forms of emotions. Upon agreeing to a relationship of sex only, they had to agree on a set of rules established by Miles:
"...'Don't ask about my past...And never expect a future,'" (Hoover 88).
He wants to bury his ugly past; yet at the same time he doesn't want to image future with her. Doing all this would eventually lead to love, which he thought he will never be capable to doing again. She, on the other hand, quickly agree to his terms even if it means she will not be able to get his heart:
"I'd agree to anything if it means I get to be kissed by him again. Especially if it means I get to experience more than just his kiss," (Hoover 85).
 A kiss that started it all that led to wanting more of him. (Cue "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum playing in the background) All he is willing to give her is his body, but not his heart. Smooth agreement until they suddenly notice emotions surfacing. A final straw pulled when Tate done trying to be with him. She walks away from him that made he realizes he need to seek closure from his ugly past. A storm brews ahead for them.

Their flight made it through the storm, and reached the point of destination. After a tough journey, they are able to breath in again. Miles is no longer guarded with his past, or doubtful of the future. Tate got what she wanted, his heart.    

Another book by Colleen Hoover that had me completely blew away. I am currently working on Colleen Hoover's books-a-thon that I started in March, and this book happened to be second last book I planned to read as of the moment. there is only one more book left. Enough me of rambling, let's get back to how I feel about Ugly Love, and behold it's amazing. I do not know how the author did it, but she had done it again. She had created these two characters, who seeking more than physical comfort, and found it in each other.

What else can I say about this incredible book? Just go read it; readers will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5 stars    

  • Based upon a recent post on Colleen Hoover's website, Ugly Love is in the process of being made into a movie. I can't wait to see if it does go through.
  • Griffin Peterson wrote a song called "Ugly Love" for this specific book, so go listen to it.

Hoover, Colleen. Ugly Love. New York: Atria Paperback, 2014. Print.


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