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Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover Review

(left to right) Losing Hope, Hopeless, and Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
 "I've been looking for you my whole damn life," Holder (204).

Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover
(1.) Hopeless
(2.) Losing Hope
(2.5) Finding Cinderella
WARNING: Content may contain spoilers. Book content has explicit scenes.

"...I don't know how this hopeless boy weaseled his way into my life this week, but I know I'm definitely not ready for him to leave," Sky (113).  
Ever since she was little, Sky lived a sheltered life that included being homeschool, and no technology usage, until her adopted mother (Karen) allowed her to attend public school for her senior year. While buying grocery one evening, she met a mysterious guy, Dean Holder, with the word "hopeless" tattooed on his forearm. He introduced himself and demanded to know her name. Disappointment written on his face once found out her name; at that very moment she thought he was a creepy stalker. As fate would have it, she bumps into him when decided to take a break from running right in front of his house. From then on out, they become more than friends. Holder has secrets that he is keeping from her; Sky has hidden memories that can only be remember by his help.

Characters and Plot Development:
Meeting of two individuals, who find hope in the least likely place. Sky is carefree girl, who doesn't really care about what people think of her. Unlike most girls, she has never been in love before and kissing to her is a form of escape:
"...It's not that I don't enjoy making out with guys. I do enjoy it...I just don't enjoy it for the same reasons as other girls. I've never been swept off my feet. I don't get butterflies....The real reason I enjoy making out with guys is simply that it makes me feel completely and comfortably numb," (10). 
Rather than get butterflies or sparks when kissing a guy, she gets a numbing sense that she very much finds comforting. That is all about to change when she catches the eyes of Holder at the grocery store. For the very first time Sky gets butterflies. By then she knew she wanted this "hopeless guy" to in her life. It wasn't a one sided relationship, he felt an attraction to her as well. Slowly tension begins to builds when he holds off from kissing her because he wanted her to feel it when he does.

Let's talk more about Holder, who is seem as a mysterious guy. His past deeply haunts him everyday. Upon the meeting of Sky, he thought about it less, and focus more on this girl, who has transfix his life. Readers will get a deeper look into his story in Losing Hope. Yet when he is with her, she sense he was keeping secrets from her.

Being with Holder, trigger memories from her past that have been forgotten to resurface. Through him she is able to obtain the courage to seek out her dark past:
"Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong choice feels the least wrong," Holder (392).
After reading the last page to Hopeless, I had an overwhelming feeling that I didn't want this story to end. The author created these two fascinating characters, who both have a tragic past; they did not let it hold them back. I wanted to hug both of them and tell them it will be alright in the end, especially Sky.

Back to the story, it contains an unique mix of romance and emotional kind of genre. The chemistry between Sky and Holders are the foundation of the story. Add in a major emotional issue, the storyline is intensified.

A storyline told strictly from Sky's perspective. This is one of the reason why I really like this series. Everything related to her is mentioned while Holder's tale is put on the side for another book. It allowed me to focus more from one specific character's angle, rather clasping multiple viewpoints at a time.

This is one book that I highly recommend to read. A contemporary stories that contains a mix of romance and emotions.

Rating: 5/5 stars
Losing Hope
"Just seeing her again...reminds me of why I crave to be around her so much....since the moment I met her...I'm constantly wondering about her. My attention is constantly homed in on her like I'm a compass and she's my North," Holder (104).
From Hopeless, readers were able to see Sky's story; now it's Holder's turn to share his. His past haunts him on a daily basic until he is face-to-face with the person, whom he has been searching for all of his life.

Characters and plot development:
Story opens up with a revelation of Holder's painful past. He thought he was protecting his sister, Lesslie from a crumbling relationship, but who would have thought of what would happened next will make him not forgive himself. It was one of the reason for his hopeless tattoo.

At the same time readers are learning more about Holder, they also get to read the book as though they are reading his personal journal. For this particular book, the author placed in journal entries that Holder wrote to allow readers to get a deeper look into his mind.

Fast forward to present time when he encounters the one person that he has been looking for his whole life. He helplessly falls for her, but feels conflicted from his hidden secrets.

Eventually events from Hopeless repeats itself. More secrets are uncovered that allow him to admit to himself it wasn't his fault for what happened to Lesslie. Holder no longer was a hopeless guy, but he continues to have hope everyday (pun and all intended):
"I'm gonnna go live my life now...I honestly thought I'd always be hopeless, but I find hope every single day," Holder (321).         
Holder, Holder, what am I going to do with you? His character was one that was kept very mysterious in Hopeless. The only information us readers knew about him was his shared past history with Sky. It is until Losing Hope that I got to learn more about him. He has been through so much to be the person he is now.

Separate storyline for Holder to provide more background information. I really admire the author for being able to separate Sky's and Holder's story. In the back of my mind, I always wondered how does his family fit in all of this during Hopeless. Then behold in Losing Hope, his inner thoughts and family are acknowledged.

This is one book that I insist people to read, especially if they have read Hopeless. The story does not end in the first book, there are more to it; two sides to one story.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Finding Cinderella
"Ignore it all. I want to kiss you and I want you to want me to kiss you and I don't really feel like waiting until I walk you to your porch tonight because I never really wanted to kiss someone this much before," Daniel (39).
Once upon a time, Daniel, Holder's best friend, met his Cinderella in a dark janitor closet on campus. They pretended they were madly in love, and she later walked out before he got the chance to see what she looks like. Unlike in the fairy tale, she did not leave anything behind for him to find her. Memories of his magical dream girl forever imprinted in his mind. It isn't until a year later does he meets Six, Sky's best friend; it was love at first sight. Their relationship was going smoothly until a secret is revealed that will forever change the way they look at life.      

Daniel and Six's love story was shorter, but to the point. When I was reading Losing Hope, I sensed that Finding Cinderella began in the background. Short length of story does not make it any less enjoyable to read. It is not a simple love story, there are more to them then meet the eyes.

To those who adore the Hopeless series, then don't miss out on a novella that complete this whole series. Questions about Six and Daniel will be answered in this short story, so don't skip out the chance to find out what they are.
Rating: 4/5 stars

  • The book that Sky is reading to Holder in Hopeless and Losing Hope is Slammed.
  • The guy on the cover of Losing Hope is Griffin Peterson, who wrote the song lyrics and sang the original soundtrack to Maybe Someday. 
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