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Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella Review

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
Where am I? What year is it? Those are the questions Lexi Smart,a 28 years-old, asked when she opens her eyes to find herself in a London hospital. She is in shock when she discovered her change in appearance, brand name accessories in her possession, and not to mention she is married to a millionaire. The last memory she recalled is waiting for a taxi in front of a club with friends, which not where she was when she got into an accident. It turns out the accident had caused her to not remember the events of the past three years. She tries to adjust to her current life and at the same time find the missing pieces of her memories. Along the way she meets Jon, who change how she views her life.
Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is a great book to read. I stumbled across this book at an used bookstore in a mall for $1, which was not the reason I decided to give this book a chance. The synopsis on the book flap pulled me in; I had to read it to find out how Lexi deals with her memory lost. I really enjoyed reading this book. The story had a flow in that it makes me forget to look at the page number as I read that I finished reading it in two days.

Lexi Smart goes on bumpy journey in attempt to gain her memories that will change her to who she wants to be. In the beginning Lexi is given a new start to life due to the accident that caused her to lose memories of the last three years. As she struggles to fit into her current conditions, she comes to begins to question why she had chosen the path that she had. Through this journey, she is able to grow as a person and help her realize what and whom she wants in her life. Life is too short to not be who/what that makes one happy:
"'You only get one life, loves. Don't waste it," (Kinsella 187).
There are areas that I would like the author to touch upon. One of them being Lexi having more flashbacks. It seems as though she rarely had any when she should be having more due to news she would have trigger her to reminiscence; rather she stands there dumbfounded. Another being  her have mentioned how much memories from the past three years had she able to remember again in the months following her discovery about her family. This book is mainly about her attempting to regain what was lost or are the memories meant to be lost in the very beginning.

Overall, I highly recommended this to those to want a fun book to read. I give it 4/5 stars.

To those who are planning on reading this, find out what Mont Blanc is.

I came across a piece of paper with a message from the previous owner, who clearly enjoyed the book tremendously (picture above). A special thanks goes out to her for sharing this lovely book with me.

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