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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Review

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover is about a girl named Sydney, who discovered on her twenty-second birthday her boyfriend (Hunter) and her roommate (Tori) sleeping together. Moments later she is outside her apartment soaked in the rain with her luggage in hand, and homeless, but somehow she is later dragged into an apartment of her puzzling neighbor, who lived a balcony across from where she used to live. Sydney doesn't know know that by stepping foot in this apartment would change her life, and takes her on an emotional roller coaster.

This short synopsis does not do justice for this book because is unlike any other book in that the lyrics are from actual songs, and it comes with a soundtrack. Now that was a mouth full to say. Aside from the unique features of this book, character development is very notable.

Character development
The characters in Maybe Someday are developed well in sense that they are not perfect, but they grow in so many ways as the story developed. In the beginning, readers saw Sydney as heartbroken girl, who was lost and strong headed. Later on she becomes independent and level headed.

Ridge on the hand is on different level that he is ignorant, indecisive, funny and living not for himself. As the story progresses, he is able to see what he really wants in his life; thus he is determined to get it.

Plot overview (warning: may contain spoilers)
Readers are first officially introduced to Sydney as she step outside onto her balcony to enjoy her neighbor playing music on his guitar. Eventually she would sing along to his lyric-less tone and catches his eyes. Later she finds out his name is Ridge. From the every beginning, they have this unique connection that is undeniable. A fork in the road for both is mainly due to them having boyfriend or girlfriend, so they saw this spark between them as friends. Along the way, she helps Ridge write lyrics for his lyric-less tones that he plays on his guitar. He realized on that instant that she was what he needed to complete his songs:
"It might be a little cruel, but she has no idea how much I need her. Now that I'm pretty sure I've found my muse, I have to work it just right so she doesn't slip away," (29).
On the day of her 22nd birthday, Sydney discovered her boyfriend (Hunter) cheating on her with her roommate (Tori), which was hinted by Ridge. Heartbroken and homeless, she somehow found herself in Ridge's apartment, where he offers her a place to stay. There she met Bridgette and Warren, whose story will be told in the book, Maybe Not.

Sydney found out why Ridge always text on the phone, but never makes calls. This does not make her treat him any different; rather she admires him more. One day when they were writing music together, he asked to hear her sing. In order to do that, he has to hold her intimately close to him, which will bring about more hidden feelings within them.

These feelings of theirs will be expressed in a song called "Maybe Someday" that they composed later on. This song only heighten their emotions; they kissed. The interesting part is they are very mature about the incident; they talk it out and agree to just stay friends. Sydney did not want to be a Tori. I was not very convinced they could ignore the attraction between them.

At the same time, Sydney finally gets to meet Maggie, Ridge's girlfriend. She came to realized "there can't be a maybe someday between us." (131). When I read this, my heart slowly begin to ache and break for this couple. It gave me a whole different perspective of a love triangle.

When Sydney is ready to moves out, she discovered shocking information about Maggie that make her accept their maybe someday was never going to happen since "Maggie deserves him more than I do," (267). The series of events that follow eventually lead to a day both Sydney and Ridge did not predict coming. Sydney walks away from him since it is for the best. At the same time, Ridge's heart is at war with him. He thought with her doing most of his problems would be solved, but he was wrong.

At this point in the story my heart was breaking in pieces for this maybe someday couple. Even though I saw this event happening in the story, but I was screaming at my book. My brain was telling my heart to calm down from this rush of emotions. Then a couple of pages later, Warren somehow sooth me:
"'Today is a really bad day, Sdy. A really, really bad day. Sometimes in life, we need a few days in order to keep the good ones in perspective,"' (282)
He gave him hope for there to be light at the end of the tunnel for this heartbreaking couple. Main while Ridge had come into conclusion about his relationship with Maggie. His heart had decided long ago which person was the right choice for him. This led him in front of Sydney's door, where he confesses his heart desires:
"'It's you," he says aloud. "My heart...wants you," (333).
Let's just say my heart squealed upon reading this. It was a light in the storm.

As the story progresses, readers can tell how anxious Ridge is to see Sydney again that he ask for Brennan and Warren's helps. Fast forward a couple of pages, Warren drags Sydney to a club/bar, where she gets to see Ridge play a few songs for her. Finally, she signs to him (literally) the word he need for them to be together.

"'people don't get to choose who they fall in love with. They only get to choose who they stay in love with,"' (Hoover 275).
The quote above is a central theme of Maybe Someday in that people cannot help who they fall for. Love blossoms in the most unexpected place, or in Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud": "people fall in love in mysterious way." The only choice people get is to stay in love with their significant other while their heart yearn for another. This is very much the scenario in the book.

There is a constant war between the heart and the brain when people are in love. Ridge clearly pointed out that heart cannot be control; it does whatever it wants to do:
"However, I've learned that the heart can't be told when and who and how it should love. The heart does whatever the hell it wants to do. The only thing we can control is whether we give our lives and our minds the chance to catch up to our hearts," (334).
It may be our minds who controls us, but it's really our hearts who decide if it is love or not.

I really enjoyed reading this book. As a mentioned previous, it opened my eyes on the view of a love triangle. Their characters were strong in their own ways. I would highly recommend this book.

P.S. - An epilogue can be found on this link ( in bonus feature section, but a password, is needed to open it. Hint, the password is the very last word of the story.

By the way I uploaded a video discussing my review for this book, so make sure to  check it out.

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